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They live as a part of our pack, in our home, and share many acres of high desert property with us. They receive a ton of opportunity to stretch their legs and live the good life. 


“Baha vom Adlerland”


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AKC DN55008204

Black and Tan, stock coat, does not carry for long coat

73 lbs

Sire: Nero Vom Buchonia

Dam:  Deja Vu Von Telos

OFA Hips:  Good

OFA Elbows:  Normal

DM:  Clear

Full Panel DNA:  all clear


 Baha is the dog I have waited my whole life for!  She is out of amazing lineage, both of her parents are working and   titled dogs, as well as devoted family companions.  She has a high prey drive, high food drive, and high pack drive.  She also has a super off switch and doesn’t create a job for herself.  She will lounge all day if that’s what the family is doing.   She would train or work all day if we asked her to and her fitness level and focus are very high.  I love the balance she has, it makes her so fun to train but also so easy to live with.  

She is confident in public and in every environment I have put her in.  She doesn’t see other dogs as a threat but she is not social to dogs not in her pack.  Female dogs in her pack are treated fairly but she tolerates no rivalry.  She has no issues with the male dogs in her pack.  Given a proper introduction, she will interact correctly with strange dogs but definitely prefers younger males as playmates.  

She is aloof to people in public and doesn’t seek attention from anyone but her family.  However, she does tolerate greetings calmly and pleasantly.  She has never shown a hint of aggressive behavior to any person.  She is an attentive but not overprotective mother.

Her hips have been rated ‘good’ and her elbows ‘normal’ by the OFA, she is DM clear.  

We are always searching for the perfect addition to our breeding program… please check back for updates!